13 Deadly Sins of AdWords – #4 Negligence

As I discussed repentance for the sin of Carelessness I realized that it was a sister sin to Negligence. In the context of keyword types, Negligence presents itself when you just decide that one match type is the best and set your whole account that way. You see, Negligence is not testing and this sin can affect all aspects of your AdWords account.

Why Test?

The question almost seems rhetorical. Testing by nature is intended to help us discern between what’s good, what’s better and what’s best. In order to increase the results you get from AdWords you must constantly test. Here are a few tests to get you started:

  • Match Types – Put the same keyword in your ad group with different match types. Let them run for awhile until you’ve got at least 100 clicks (this is just a rough benchmark) on all the different match types. Then keep the best one and bag the others.
  • Ad Titles – This is the most important 25 characters you’ll ever have. Test different titles to see which performs best because getting this right will make or break your performance.
  • Landing Pages – You don’t need to be a big website with custom landing pages for every ad group to do this. Simply test your home page versus the sign-up form or a topic-specific subpage versus a contact form.

One last point of emphasis as you embark on your penance; don’t stop testing and don’t assume that once a test is complete that it is now the gospel truth. Google changes their algorithm regularly. Search engine users are constantly learning and changing their behavior. PPC success is a moving target, so you need to be vigilant if you want it.

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