13 Deadly Sins of AdWords – #8 Laziness

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18

Now that you have begun to repent of your most grievous sins I will warn you of another sin that lies at the door; the sin of laziness. The sin of laziness is when you fail to record your changes, why you made them, and the what you expect to accomplish with the change.

Knowledge Is Power

In heeding my counsel you have begun utilizing phrase and exact match for you keywords. You have begun testing your titles, your ad copy and your landing pages. Congratulations! Now you need to start recording your changes. It will be tempting to turn off the computer or move on to your next task after publishing out your changes in AdWords, but recording your changes will be crucial to your success.

How you record your changes is entirely up to you. You can write them down on paper or you can make a Word document with your changes. Keep them somewhere easy to find and make your notes as simple as possible.

Four things must be recorded with every change:

  • When – If you’re going to compare performance before the change to performance after the change, you need to know when you made the change.
  • What You Did – You’re making a lot of changes in a lot of places. This ensures you don’t forget any.
  • Why You Did It – There was a reason you made the change. Record it now because you may not remember a month later when you reevaluate your results.
  • What You Expect – This is straight Scientific Method. Record your hypothesis – what you think will happen because of the change. In time this will train your intuition and unexpected results are often the most telling.

PS AdWords logs all the changes you make to an account. Click Tools (under the Campaign Management tab) and My Change History. This tells you what changes were made but not why, so don’t rely on this log instead of logging your changes.

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