15 Account Expansion Tips

Building out a new PPC account is always exciting. There is a new product or service to research, a new market to learn, and possibly new strategies and techniques to use and master. What is not exciting is when the new account you have built underspends.

Expanding an account can be challenging. Doing it profitably even more so. Here are some tips to get you going:

  1. First, try bidding higher. Your Google rep beat me to this one. Higher bids will improve your ad position, leading to higher click-through rates and click volume.
  2. Audit campaign settings. Are there any location targets you could add? Are any of your campaign budgets capping? Is the standard ad delivery setting causing you to miss out on peak hours of traffic during the day?accelerated delivery
  3. Build out from your highest volume ad groups. The volume and healthy CTR of these ad groups will likely translate over to related themes. Watch out for cannibalization.
  4. Comb through SQRs of broadly themed high-volume campaigns and ad groups where there may be more area you can cover. You will always find something in a search query report that you couldn’t have thought of on your own.
  5. Revisit keyword lists – Continuously revisit keyword lists and add variations and synonyms. Use a site like Thesaurus.com to help you think of ideas.
  6. Use the Keyword Tool – Look for relevant high-traffic keywords and phrases with low suggested bids. Type the name of an existing ad group into the keyword tool and see what related queries come out.
  7. Build around content found commonly on many company webpages. Does your client offer sponsorships and/or partnership opportunities? Do they have a careers or employment page? An event calendar?
  8. Get access to a sitemap if possible. Clicking around a client’s website will help you discover new areas of potential traffic, but seeing it all at once in a sitemap can be very helpful.
  9. Add broad match keywords where you haven’t already. This will get your ad in front of more people and will give you more SQR data to mine.
  10. Google Analytics reports will help you see which keywords and landing pages are already generating significant traffic. Build on or around these.
  11. Conduct competitive research with tools like SpyFu and iSpionage. Why not let your competition do some of the thinking for you?iSpionage screenshot
  12. Segment existing ad groups further. A high-traffic ad group can be broken down into component ad groups with more specific ad copy and keywords. This will increase click-through rates and the total number of keywords you are bidding on.
  13. More specific ad copy in existing ad groups. While generic ad copy used across many ad groups helps accrue solid data on ad variations, more specific ad copy will increase quality score, CTR and volume.
  14. Reread landing pages for phrasing you haven’t used or thought of. Read the whole site like a novel. Create new ad groups around these phrases or add keywords to existing ad groups.
  15. Test new ad copy in areas where impression volume is high and CTR is low. Lots of impressions and a low click-through rate usually signals that you are bidding on terms with low relevance to your client’s account, but it can also mean that your ad copy is not compelling enough.

While each of these tips has the potential to increase volume as well as profitability, ROI can suffer in some cases as volume increases. Make sure that your client understands the balance between a high return and higher volume.


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