Chain of Relevancy in PPC

01 May Chain of Relevancy in PPC

Everyone knows that marketing is both art and science. Search engine marketing is especially heavy on the art because of the mysterious search engine algorithms. However, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising provides relief from the mystery because you can circumvent the algorithms and work with dollars and cents. Or at least that’s how it used to be until Google announced their quality score. They weren’t about to let it be easy for you.

What is the Chain of Relevancy?

The chain of relevancy has three links. The first link is the keyword you are bidding on. For this example we’ll say you’re bidding on the term “iPhone accessories.” 

The second link in our chain is the ad copy you write. Placing the keyword phrase in your ad title or ad copy is proven to deliver higher CTR (partly because search engines highlight the words and draw attention to your ad), but this practice also connects the first and second links in our chain of relevancy. For best results I would place my keyword in a small ad group and use the title “iPhone Accessories” or “Buy iPhone Accessories.” 

The third link is the content of the landing page designated by the destination URL. The search engine will spider the page looking at the title tag, meta tags, H1 tags, page content, etc. to ascertain what the page is about. If the search engine determines that our page is about iPhone accessories we’ve established a strong chain of relevancy that will improve our quality score.

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