Do Facebook Ads Work, Yes. I’ll Show You How!

I really love Facebook ads, I’ve been testing them out for clients over the past couple years.  You can read all about some of my tests here.  I get asked the question all the time… Do Facebook Ads work, the anser is yes!  I’ll show you how in this post with a deep dive into a real clients case study.

Today I’m going to show you how we took  Tareas Plus from zero to hero with Facebook Ads.  We’d never done anything with Facebook, but we had a decent following (15K fans) so we decided to start pushing ads to people who were fans of the page and their friends.

We had $1500 total budget to work with.  I am more of a go big or go home type.  I’d rather know fast if something is going to work, and know even faster if it’s not going to work.  We were going to blow the budget in 3 days.  So we put a budget of $500/day.

We put everything into Facebook Ads… here is what the results looked like:



Um, am I reading this correctly?  Yup.  We got almost 5 million impressions.  You think that’s interesting, check out our Google Analytics numbers below:



Something pretty sweet is that we got almost 50K visits to our site.  It trickled down after the first couple days but most of the traffic stuck.  Facebook ads worked great.  $1500 investment drove over 120K uniques to our site in a couple days.  Most of the traffic and improvements in traffic are due to Facebook ads (and a killer guy like myself) behind the curtain.

Something I will say about Facebook Ads.  They don’t work for everyone.  Not all clients will have the same results as my client.  But this is the second client that I’ve had an amazing result with.  Facebook ads only work for around 5% of our clients.  They don’t work for everyone.  But I highly recommend giving them out a test!

A few quick tips to having the best Facebook ads:

  • Check your Grammer

  • Check your targeting, only target the right people
  • Check your landing page, make sure it’s working
  • Check your videos, slow videos kill conversions

If you have any questions about Facebook Ads I would love to answer them.  Know that Facebook Ads do work for some people, but not for all.  Happy FacebookAdding!

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