Facebook Ads Pro Tip: Use Correct Grammar

Over the weekend I was accosted by the following Facebook ad:

Bad Grammar Ad

Where to begin with this grammatical train wreck? Let’s do a little play-by-play:

  • “Get Girl Love Hiking!” – Is it supposed to be 2 sentences? Get Girl. Love Hiking. Because that would at least be a benefit (Get Girl) and then they’re just trying to build a little rapport. Right?
  • “Wanna get a girlfriends that like hiking?” – Yes, I want a girlfriend (in the committed relationship kind of way) but I don’t know if I could handle more than one. Newsflash: “a” is a singular article. You actually could have saved characters by getting this right.
  • “Only on meetsinglesonly you can get that!” – Why are you adding your URL here? It’s already right below your title. #wasteofspace

At least they did get a clear CTA in there with the old classic “Click here!” It almost makes the ad passable, but not really.

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