Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need To Know

Google AdWordsGoogle has recently announced major changes to AdWords. The new enhanced campaigns will see the integration of mobile search and desktop search. This is Google’s first step in helping advertisers manage their ad campaigns in a multi-device world.

A recent study found that 90% of multi-device consumers move between several different devices to accomplish a task. AdWords has previously been used to target mainly desktops devices, but with the advancement of new devices, such as tablets and smartphones the new enhanced campaigns will target both desktop devices and mobile devices in one campaign.

The enhanced campaigns will be optional for all advertisers, until late June, when all campaigns will automatically be upgraded.

The new enhanced campaigns have three major features:

Management of Campaign and Budget: With smartphones constantly coming down in price, it’s no wonder that nearly half of all searches are performed using smartphones, and this will only increase over the next few years. Google has taken note of this data to help advertisers target customers more relevantly. With bid adjustments, using just a single campaign, advertisers will be able manage their bids for different devices, locations and time of day.

Example: A cafe serving breakfast may want to target people nearby searching for “Breakfast” on a smartphone. With bid adjustments, advertisers have the ability to bid higher for people located nearby, and for those using smartphones. The cafe could also choose to bid lower after they stop serving breakfast.

Bid adjustments will be found in the campaigns settings tab.

Context Based Ads: People using a smartphone may be looking for something different, than if they were using a desktop computer. Context based ads allows you to show ads across different devices with the correct text, sitelink or app. This can all be achieved with just one campaign – rather than having to edit each campaign for different locations, times of day and devices.

Example: Certain companies may have both a physical store and a website. With the new enhanced campaigns, the company could show ads with click-to-call and apps downloads for people searching with a smartphone. The company could then choose to display an ad for their website for customers searching with a PC.

Ads based on context will be a type of ad selection in AdWords.

New conversion types: Before enhanced campaigns, advertisers have been unable to easily measure mobile campaigns. With the new AdWords reports, advertisers will now be able to determine how many times an ad has converted into an app download or phone call.

Example: Click-to-call phones calls of 60 seconds or more will be counted as a conversion in the new AdWords reports. This can then be used to compare against other conversions, such as sales and downloads.

This feature will be an additional column as a conversion in reporting.

Cross device tracking, a new feature from Google, will allow advertisers to see how mobile searchers drive desktop searches, downloads, purchases, etc. It will also show how desktop searchers drive mobile searches.

Will the New Enhanced Campaigns Affect your Current Campaigns?

Most likely, yes. Firstly, the new mobile changes coming to Google’s mobile search will no longer make tablet targeting optional. You will still have the option to not appear on mobile by setting mobile bids to -100% of the desktop bids.

Your upgrade path will vary depending on how you currently run your campaign:

  • If you’ve yet to separate your desktop and mobile advertising, then the only thing you’ll need to do is set your mobile bid adjustment factor
  • If your campaign is currently desktop-only, then it will automatically be upgraded to run on both desktop and mobile devices
  • If your campaign is currently mobile-only, then it will automatically be upgraded to run on both desktop and mobile devices
  • If you have made copies of the same campaign, to run on both desktop and mobile, you’ll need to merge these back together

The new enhanced campaigns should make AdWords easier to target users. The complexity of managing several different campaigns should now be easier to manage, as all changes will be made from just one campaign.

Google’s new enhanced campaigns will be available to advertisers in the next few weeks and are optional until the end of June, after that time all campaigns will automatically be upgraded.

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