Google AdWords Opens the Floodgates

Today Google AdWords announced a small change in their Search Query Performance report that will turn into a gold mine for long tail search terms. Let me explain.

Search Query Performance Reports

Since AdWords began offering this report I have always felt cheated. I would run the report and see the terms that triggered a lot of traffic (which were usually already keywords in my accounts) and then the mysterious line item titled “Other unique queries”. This line item usually included a majority of my conversions and had exceptionally high CTR, so I was understandably frustrated when I couldn’t view it.

What’s New?

Today’s post on the Google AdWords blog announces that Google has done away with the “Other unique queries” and will show all terms. This is made much easier with their new user interface (which I quite like actually) and gives the user greater insight into the exact search terms triggering ads and converting. No more hopping back and forth between your Google Analytics and AdWords account to add new keywords.

As a small caveat I would like to take partial credit for this announcement. It was just a couple weeks ago that I was telling a friendly Googler my frustration about this very thing and, Voila!, it’s fixed. Hey Google, if you’re listening, I’ve got more good ideas where that came from. You know my number (and probably a whole lot more).

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