Google Isn’t Skynet…Yet

SkynetI know there are a lot of people out there who feel that Google has too much information and could use that data for nefarious purposes. But let’s think this through.

Demographic Data

Right now I feel like this is the holy grail for online advertising networks. Facebook has tons of it and I feel this is one of the major reasons they were able to get $38/share with their IPO (and the stock price is near $29 as I write this). Google would love to get their hands on it, but the Silicon Valley pissing match between these two tech behemoths has prevented any partnership. Facebook even did a deal with Microsoft so that Bing has access to it, just to make Google mad. And based on Bing’s search market share I don’t think they’re using all that demographic data very well.

This was a topic of discussion at a recent SLC|SEM event and it was jokingly mentioned that if Google could pair demographic data with search intent in real time that you would have Skynet (and that might not be too far off). So how is Google going to get the holy grail? Google+

Google+ or Bust

This seems to be the motto at Google these days. The recent Penguin update pissed off a ton of SEOs and lots of companies that had been “following the rules” a little too well (in Google’s estimation). The recent announcement of near-phrase & near-exact match as well as auto-optimizing ad tests after 30 days has AdWords advertisers and #PPCchat members all wound up. Basically, Google seems willing to piss off everyone to push the largest ghost town on the internet in Google+.

But They Still Make Mistakes

The other day I checked my mail and found a letter from Google. I’m always hopeful they’ll send me some cool swag or perhaps give my clients access to a couple of betas I want (and I’m usually disappointed) so I opened the letter. What did I find? The basic promo material that a new SMB would receive. A page or so of benefits with a voucher for $100 of free advertising to try AdWords. What?

I’m a Google Certified Partner. I manage tens of thousands of dollars of spend for my clients every month. And they send me a $100 voucher? I get 20 of them in an email every quarter. And it’s the same name and address. So evidently Google has a little ways to go before all that data can be used to take over the world.

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  1. Luke says:

    Seriously, why no cool swag from Google?!? Which reminds me, last year Google Engage did a promo with “Golden Codes” that if you used 4 or 5 they gave you $200 in credit to the Google store… Never got it!! Lame.

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