Google: Smart As a Fox & Guarding the Hen House

Google reported revenues of $7.29 BILLION for Q3 2010, with a majority of that income originating from AdWords. I say it all the time, but AdWords pays the bills at Mountain View. Thus I hope you’ll understand my reluctance to endorse the newest addition to the AdWords product offering: Boost!

What is Boost?

The official launch announcement came from the Google Lat Long Blog, but Boost is essentially a super-simplified version of AdWords that Google manages for you. You only need four things to get started:

  • A short business description
  • A web or Google Place page
  • Your business categories
  • A monthly budget

After loading up that info Google “automatically sets up your ad campaign – figuring out the relevant keywords that will trigger your ad to appear on Google and Google Maps, and how to get the most out of the budget you allotted”. Sounds great right?

AdWords Fox

Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Google has a lot of stockholders demanding a return on their investment. They deliver that ROI by beating Wall Street expectations quarter after quarter. You beat expectations by making more revenue. I love AdWords, but I can almost guarantee you that Google will find a way to spend your entire budget every month because that is what keeps the revenue flowing. And nowhere do they mention how to set up conversion tracking, so who knows if those clicks are turning into actual sales or leads.

PS Though the official announcement says this is only available in San Fran, Houston & Chicago, Mike Blumenthal’s blog post about Boost has commenters from Connecticut, New York, Georgia, Tennessee & Florida that set up the product.

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5 Responses to Google: Smart As a Fox & Guarding the Hen House

  1. Hey Robert,

    I’m afraid of the business that Google Boost will take away from agencies and freelancers alike. Google essentially is cutting out the middle man and doing everything on their own without management fees. I feel strongly that you can’t replace the knowledge of a PPC specialist, but some people disagree and will use Google Boost.

  2. Robert Brady says:


    I agree 100% that Google will get a lot of takers, especially SMBs that just want to set it & forget it (which is usually a recipe for disaster with PPC). One problem I see down the road is when an advertiser wants to “upgrade” out of Boost but can’t get keyword lists or performance stats to guide their future advertising.

  3. Mike Blumenthal says:

    Hi Robert

    I just wanted to note Boost was visible nationwide but that was a roll out glitch that was subsequently reset so that it is now one again only available in the three roll out cities.

    I believe that since the product creates a campaign in your Adwords account, the keywords will be retrievable.

  4. Robert says:


    Thanks for the update. Do you know anyone inside the beta area? I’d love to see a screenshot of what AdWords registers for Boost.

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