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Bing Ads evolves. This week’s recap:PPC 6

  1. PPC Hero – Small Changes That Make Bing Faster – In response to feedback from users, @BingAds updated some features in their “campaigns” tab. These updates will make small tasks much quicker and easier.
  2. The WordStream Blog – No Plan, No Workflow, No Results: How to Develop a PPC Plan that Aligns with Your Goals – Always ask yourself: 1) What you are trying to accomplish with Google AdWords spend, 2) What metrics are most important to your business, and 3) What outcomes you predict to see.
  3. Bing Ads Blog – Bing Ads Continues to Deliver Great Mobile Momentum on Yahoo Bing Network – The projected percentage of searches that are done on mobile devices will be 88% by 2018. Bing introduces product ads for mobile.
  4. Beyond the Paid – Google Guest Blogging Smackdown: Lessons Learned – Diversify, diversify, diversify. Google updates can crush businesses with all their eggs in the Google basket. Throw a few eggs in the (cheaper) Bing basket.
  5. Search Engine People Blog – How To Set Up Long-Tail Google AdWords Campaigns To Effectively Target Millions Of Permutations – Keyword expansion should be driven by the already most popular themes in your account. “There are an infinite number of possible ways that people can describe your products and services”.
  6. Search Engine Watch – Learn With Google at ClickZ Live New York 2014 – At ClickZ Live New York this year, marketers and advertisers will have the opportunity to enter the “Google classroom”. Matt Lawson, Google’s Performance Ads marketing director will be there.
  7. The Search Agents – Google’s SERP Redesign: The Experts Weigh In – Experts like the user experience associated with the new SERP layout, but not the “sneakiness” of the new paid ad presentation style.
  8. Search Engine Journal – How Many Ways Can You Optimize a Google Display Campaign? – Full break-down of effective display campaign management. Image ads impact brand awareness and future conversions.

There it is. Keep rockin’.

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