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  1. Beyond the Paid – Preparing For The Adwords Certification Exams – The Adwords certification exams have changed – they are now open book, for example. Experienced PPC managers may pass without studying at all.
  2. Bing Ads Blog – Bing Ads Reporting Series: Understanding the Product Ad Reports – New product ad reports work just like keyword and ad performance reports. Segment by product target or product offer ID.
  3. Inside AdWords – Upgrade to Search Network With Display Select for Better Performance – Search Network with Display Select has yielded a 35% higher CTR on average, and a 35% lower cost-per-customer purchase on the display portion of Search Network with Display Select campaigns.
  4. PPC Hero – Which Facebook Objective Is Best For Me? – Facebook asks you for an objective before you even create an ad. Facebook automatically optimizes your ad for the people who are most likely to fulfill that objective.
  5. The WordStream Blog – AdWords Dynamic Parameters: A Sneaky Way to Double Your CTR – Use dynamic parameters to update ad copy quickly. Click-through rates have doubled with the use of dynamic parameters.
  6. aimClear Blog – Bing (Ads) it On! aimClear Interviews Evangelist John Gagnon at #CZLNY – Video interview with John Gagnon by aimClear at ClickZ Live New York. For certain search terms such as “travel”, 80% of the audience can’t be reached through Google.
  7. Clix Blog – Call for Freelance Help! Looking for freelance PPC work of any variety imaginable? Look no further. Email your resume to hr@clixmarketing.com by April 15th.
  8. Certified Knowledge Blog – The Complete AdWords Audit Part 8: Keywords and Match Types – Broad match keywords are generally not restrictive enough to do you any good, but are great keyword research tools. Convert all broad match keywords in an account quickly to modified broad match using “Append text to selected items” in the AdWords editor.

That’s all, folks. See you next week!

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