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  1. Inside AdWords – Next Tuesday is your chance to step inside AdWords – Don’t miss the Inside AdWords global livestream next Tuesday, April 22nd at 9am PT and 12pm ET. Google will announce 10+ new AdWords products, features, and research studies.
  2. Certified Knowledge Blog – Advanced Google AdWords 3rd Edition is About to Ship – The 3rd edition of Advanced Google AdWords will be between 625 and 650 pages. 40% of the content will be brand new compared to previous editions.
  3. Beyond the Paid – PPC In A Not-Provided World – Google becomes less transparent, and Bing takes advantage. Privacy concerns aside, what does “not provided” mean for you?
  4. Avalaunch Media Blog – AdWords (Not Provided) Resource – A compilation of posts on the (not provided) issue put together by Luke Alley. Get the full range of perspectives here.
  5. Bing Ads Blog – Bing Ads Is Off To a Great Start in 2014 – Yahoo Bing Network clicks increased by 30% compared to last year. Bing is developing cross-channel features.
  6. PPCHero – Crush Your Geo Bid Adjustments in Just 3 Clicks. – PPCHero rolls out its new Geo Bid Adjuster tool. With it you can grow conversions, increase CTR, and optimize bids for each targeted location, all much quicker than in the interface.
  7. The WordStream Blog – Do AdWords Shopping Campaigns Work? Yes, they do. See metrics and set bids at the individual product level with Shopping campaigns. All PLA campaign-ers must make the transition to Shopping campaigns in August.
  8. Acquisio Blog – Changes Afoot for Google’s Video Advertising – Placements will now apply to either the YouTube Videos Network or Google Display Network. Content and search keywords will be combined.

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