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Stepped inside AdWords. ppc-marketing-10-killer-tips-for-better-roi-9cdf817e01

  1. PPCHero – Step Inside AdWords’ Latest Updates with UI Tools, App Ads, and More – The much anticipated AdWords updates were less than astounding. Drafts and Experiments will allow for some in-interface bulk editing and improved testing.
  2. The WordStream Blog – Today’s Big Google AdWords Announcement: What It Means for You – New AdWords features will be optional, not mandatory. New enterprise-level features could replace third party platforms.
  3. Clix Blog – Have You Tried These Methods to Increase Conversions? – Great tips for increasing conversions. Add additional call-to-action buttons to your landing page. Improve special offers.
  4. Beyond the Paid – 5 Resources For Mobile PPC – A collection of posts to help you dominate mobile PPC. Mobile PPC helps small businesses succeed.
  5. Bing Ads Blog – PPC Back to Basics – Get Started with Conversion Tracking – Conversion tracking basics. Choose from different conversion tracking goals and steps in the AdWords interface.
  6. Inside AdWords – Sharing the Latest AdWords innovations – Google’s own recap of the earlier Step inside AdWords livestream. Feedback on Estimated Total Conversions has been “great”.
  7. SEER Interactive Blog – Breaking AdWords Announcements – A Renewed Focus on Users – “It’s about people, not devices”. AdWords Labs is SEER’s favorite newly announced feature.
  8. Search Engine People Blog – (Not Provided) Data in Adwords: The Facts – Dynamic content insertion for landing pages can still work if you use the keyword and not the actual query.

Excited to see how these new updates work out. Have a great week.

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