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VIPs only, says Pinterest. This week’s recap: icon-ppc

  1. 3Q Digital Blog – Use Excel Power Maps to Visualize Performance By Location – Geo-segment data visually with the Excel Power Maps plug-in. In a national campaign, see which state yields the highest ROAS for example.
  2. PPC Hero – Introducing the New PPC Hero – PPC Hero has rolled out their new site design. Now dynamic content responds to your particular interests. Column navigation features your favorite authors regularly in their area of expertise.
  3. Inside AdWords – Improving Call-to-Action overlays and video reporting in AdWords for video – Call-to-Action overlays will be automatically re-sized, leaving more real estate open for the video ads themselves. Google will also roll out improved reporting for video ads, such as View Rate.
  4. Acquisio Blog – New Pinterest Ads Not for Performance Marketers – 12 huge brands have been selected for Pinterest’s first paid test including Nestle, Banana Republic and Expedia.com. For now, the buy-in to advertise on Pinterest will be too high for most performance marketers.
  5. Bing Ads Blog – Bing Ads Academy: How to Use the Negative Keyword Conflict Report – When importing negative keywords from an AdWords campaign, broad match negatives are changed to phrase match. Use the Negative Keyword Conflict Report to find any potential missed impressions.
  6. Certified Knowledge Blog – Will Raising Bids Increase PLA Traffic? – The migration to Shopping Campaigns gives us impression share data right in the UI (which we didn’t have with traditional PLAs). You can now see the impression share for individual products.
  7. The WordStream Blog – Why You NEED Social Media Landing Pages (Not Just a Homepage!) – Don’t send your social media generated traffic to a plain old homepage. Follow PPC landing page guidelines and create landing pages for your social media channel traffic.
  8. Seer Interactive Blog – Google Engagement Ad Testing & Results – Engagement ads allow you to share interactive rich media ads across the Google Display Network. One client saw an engagement rate that was 89% higher than the industry benchmark over the course of their first engagement ad test.

There it is. See you next time.

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