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Windows… for free? ppc-advertising

  1. Inside AdWords – The Profit-Driven Marketer: Setting a New Standard for Performance – A higher CPA can mean higher overall sales volume and higher total profit. Surprise – Google making a case for higher bids.
  2. Bing Ads Blog – New to PPC Marketing: Resources for Getting Started with Bing Ads – “How To” resources for Bing Ads beginners. Help for DIY PPCers, even.
  3. Certified Knowledge Blog – Advanced Google AdWords: What’s New in the 3rd Edition – Brad lists each chapter title in his latest edition of Advanced Google AdWords, including the percentage of material that is new in each chapter compared to the last edition.
  4. PPC Hero – Creating & Manipulating Variables In AdWords Scripts – The basics for using variables in JavaScript. Store an array inside an array.
  5. The WordStream Blog – Think You Can Throw Up Any Old Thank You Page? Think Again – Thank you pages are as important as conversions themselves. Be sure to include social media buttons, promotions and an opt-in for email newsletters.
  6. Beyond the Paid – PPC and Content Marketing: Timing – Use an editorial calendar to perfect the timing of paid search efforts around current content. Don’t forget to take into account seasonality.
  7. Acquisio Blog – Microsoft’s Free Windows OS + Bing Ads Could Change Everything – Microsoft announces that they have developed a completely free version of Windows 8 for smartphones and tablets, with Bing as the default search engine.
  8. Righteous Marketing – PPC Habit # 3 – Put First Things First – Prioritize effectively to save time and effort. Start with crises, deadlines, meetings and pressing issues before spending time on other things.

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