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Q4 reports and more – This week’s recap:Pay-Per-Click

  1. Search Engine People Blog – Link Google Plus to AdWords for Higher CTR – The Google Plus extension does not replace/interfere with other extensions. Run a test and see if it helps your campaigns.
  2. The Search Agents – Q4 2013 State of Paid Search Report Shows Growth in CPC and Spend – Total spend for some of The Search Agents’ most stable paid search clients increased by 37% in 2013. CPCs increased by 27.6%.
  3. Inside AdWords – Better Ads via Better Sitelinks – Google reminds us that sitelinks are now a factor in ad rank. Sitelinks boost CTR by 10-20%.
  4. Bing Ads Blog – Bing Ads Editor Diary – Upcoming Sync Result Window Enhancements – The upcoming BingAds Editor update will allow you to document the results of a recent get or post changes process.
  5. FBPPC.com – Facebook’s Q4 performance shows major direct-response improvement – For an online retailer and a lead-generation company managed by 3Q Digital, CPCs on Facebook ads increased by 47% and 50% over the last quarter of 2013. Conversion rates increased by 61% and 41%.
  6. Beyond the Paid – PPC and Content Marketing – Thought Starters –  Melissa Mackey will be writing about PPC for content marketing following results from her latest reader poll in December. PPC for content marketing is much less clear-cut than it is for say, ecommerce.
  7. PPCHero – How Restructuring Improved Quality Score & Reduced CPA by 23% – A structure test revealed that quality score improves even when ad copy and landing page are left unchanged.
  8. Search Engine Land – Google Q4 2013 Earnings Report $16.86 Billion In Revenues – Google’s revenue targets beat estimates, but their earnings-per-share didn’t. Q4 2013 earnings beat Q4 2012 earnings by 17%.

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