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Updates, updates, updates. This week’s recap:PPC image 6

  1. Inside AdWords – A new way to count conversions in AdWords – Google’s latest update to conversion naming conventions. Clicks that lead to conversions are displayed in the first column and total conversions are displayed in the second.
  2. Search Engine Land – Ray Kurzeil’s Job At Google: Beat IBM’s Watson At Natural Language Search – Google’s Director of Engineering has been tasked with making sure that computers will be able to understand the meaning of documents as opposed to just categorizing them correctly.
  3. Bing Ads blog – Join the UK Bing Ads Starter Webinar on the 18th of March – Bing Ads will host a free webinar on March 18th at 10 AM GMT for prospective or new Bing Ads customers.
  4. Search Engine Watch – Google AdWords Search Funnels Attribution Modeling: Think Hard Before You Act – An overview of the latest updates to attribution modeling in AdWords. Be careful when putting more weight on certain steps in the funnel over others.
  5. PPC Hero – Learn More About The Competition With New Features in Google’s Auction Insights – Use Auction Insights reports in AdWords to measure your performance against competitors. You can now segment this report by device as well as by time period.
  6. Beyond the Paid – Ways To Spot Bad PPC Advice – PPC articles that tell you to spend more money, geotarget the world, and use broad match are probably not helpful. Promotions are great but don’t become dependent on them.
  7. Certified Knowledge Blog – Last Chance to Register for AdWords Training in San Jose, CA – Certified Knowledge will hold an AdWords training workshop on March 10th in San Jose. Topics will include comprehensive keyword research, writing compelling ad copy, demystifying quality score, and increasing landing page conversions.
  8. aimClear Blog – Zenith Agenda 2014 Is Live! Duluth’s Social Media Marketing Conference Returns – This conference hosted in connection with the Duluth Chamber of Commerce will cover cutting-edge social media marketing techniques.

That’s all for now. Tune in next week!

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