PPC & the Rainforest

Over New Year’s I took a little vacation to the tune of a 10-day Caribbean cruise. This trip gave me the chance to get away from the PPC world for a few days, but it didn’t stop me from thinking about PPC.

One stop was in Limon, Costa Rica and I chose to take an excursion into the rainforest. After a harrowing bus drive where I seriously questioned how a full size tour bus can navigate such narrow gravel roads we arrived at the Veragua Rainforest. First we received some education about the diversity represented in the rainforest, including poisonous frogs, sloths, howler monkeys, snakes, butterflies and so much more. Then we took a 10-minute aerial tram ride through the canopy and had a great view of the rainforest.

Rainforest Tram

As you can see the rainforest is thick and no space is unoccupied. Trees grow taller and taller, ever competing for the rarest commodity: sunlight.

PPC Is A Jungle

In our parable, sunlight represents first page placement on search engine results and the quality of that light represents average position. Google does experiment with different numbers of ads on search results pages, but there is a finite amount of “sunlight” at any one time. Therefore, the competition for exposure is fierce.

What really intrigued me as I explored the rainforest was how plants competed for sunlight. There were many different strategies being employed with varied degrees of success. In my next couple posts I will discuss how each of those methods equates to a specific PPC strategy and you can learn what competitive strategy can help you compete in your jungle.

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