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10 Jul Google AdWords – Spreadsheets Now Built In!

For all you PPC wizards out there who do bulk edits via Excel spreadsheets, Google has just made your life A LOT easier by building spreadsheet editing right into the new AdWords interface (AdWords blog post here). In the Keywords tab just click the More actions like so:

Then you’ll see a spreadsheet (sort of an Excel/Google Docs hybrid) which includes the basic functionality (like formulas) that makes working in spreadsheets so cool. Or you can just do a copy/paste of your spreadsheet right into their spread sheet.

Go check it out my fellow PPC wizards and let me know what you think

PS I know this is yesterday’s news (literally), but I didn’t see it until this morning. Forgive me.

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30 Apr New Google AdWords Interface First Impressions

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been using the Beta version of the new AdWords interface. Most people now have access so I thought I would give my 2 cents.

What I Like

  • Navigation – Getting around your account is faster and easier now. The left side navigation allows you to go to any ad group in any campaign at any time. Add in the tabbed navigation in the center section and you can see pretty much any info you want with a click or two.
  • In-line Editing – I’ve always been annoyed at the number of pages you had to go through to make a simple edit to an ad, keyword bid, etc. Now you just click the appropriate item (which you navigated too rather quickly) and edit. Very helpful.
  • Integrated Reports – One of the most underutilized reports in AdWords in the search query report (I mentioned this in one of my Deadly Sins of AdWords posts here). Google must have noticed because now, when in the Keywords tab, you can just click the “See Search Terms” drop-down box and generate it right in the interface. Brilliant!
  • Graphs – For those of you who like visuals (or have bosses who like visuals) now AdWords has pretty graphs like Analytics to allow you to see key statistics at a glance.

My Complaints

  • Columns – The ability exists to edit which columns you see, but I was a little bugged by the fact that I had to change the columns for every tab (Ads, Keywords, Networks, etc.) separately. If I don’t want to see the many-per-click conversions for Keywords, would I want to see them for Ads? I say no.
  • Width – This issue is somewhat related to the columns, but for archaic PPC managers like myself who still only have one monitor (in my defense it is 22″) the new AdWords interface requires me to have the browser set to full screen. Otherwise I must use the dreaded side scroll.

Overall I understand this is a beta product and is still being fine-tuned. For now I give the new AdWords Interface a B+. No doubt Google will get to an A+ product since AdWords is the cash machine that powers Google and they are doing everything possible to make spending ad dollars easier for advertisers. I’m considering putting together a couple of how-to videos for using the new interface but I want to gauge interest. Leave a comment of what you would like to see.

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