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11 May 3 High-Level Themes from Conversion Conference

Conversion ConferenceLast week I had the pleasure of attending Conversion Conference, a conference focusing entirely on conversion optimization. A big thanks to Tim Ash for putting the conference together (getting a conference going from scratch can’t be easy) and here are 3 high-level themes from the conference (also read Scott Brinker’s 3 big picture marketing themes post that inspired my post):

Conversion Conference Takeaways

  1. Conversion Optimization isn’t hard – Regardless of how complex your website may be, there are lots of tools out there to make testing easy. Google Website Optimizer is free, will auto-prune poor performing pages (in MVT tests) and generates PDF reports that you can deliver to execs or clients. And don’t think that because it’s free it can’t handle the load, GWO was used to test the homepage of YouTube, all 1024 possible page variations and the millions of visits.
  2. Conversion Optimization isn’t new – Brooks Bell talked about how she was helping AOL with split testing over 8 years ago. Direct mail has been doing it for years before that. Conversion optimization may be the hot topic in internet marketing, but it isn’t as new as some people think.
  3. If in doubt…test it – Each site is different, so most questions about what will work/won’t work on your site will start with “It depends…” and end with “…test it.” The key is to actually DO IT! Don’t get caught by decision paralysis. Don’t have meeting about it and talk about it and get stuck in the technical deployment of it. DO IT!

These were 3 themes that I pulled from the conference, but there was a lot more good stuff. Keep an eye on my blog this week for more, follow this Twitter list of Conversion Conference attendees, or read Daniel Sevitt’s first thoughts post.

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25 Feb Conversion Conference West 2010 (w/promo code)

A couple weeks ago I registered to attend Conversion Conference West 2010 in San Jose May 4-5. Ironically, this is the first conference to focus entirely on online conversion, even though that is the success metric for most websites. So what do you get?

  • 26 sessions, all focused on getting you more conversions
  • 40 expert speakers
  • 3 keynotes (Tim Ash, Bryan Eisenberg & Jakob Nielsen)
  • One-on-one “expert office hours”
  • Birds-of-a-feather lunches
  • Network with the best conversion minds in the industry
  • A great expo hall full of sponsors and exhibitors (shared with eMetrics conference for even more bang for your buck)

If you haven’t noticed, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is going to be a big trend in 2010. The worst of the recession may be passing, but companies still have their belts tightened and need to squeeze more out of less. Hence, CRO is the natural choice to get more from your email, your PPC, your SEO and every other marketing effort that gets people on your website.

How To Register

Simply visit the registration page here, and you can use the promo code CCW550 when you sign up to get $100 off. Sign up before April 10 and save a couple hundred bucks with their early bird pricing. Let me know if you’re going so we can meet up!

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