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08 Apr Credit Card Rejection by Google?

Everyone knows that Google is the industry leader in pay-per-click marketing.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Google doesn’t have some stupid policies. Here’s my nominee for the most illogical of Google’s flaws:

A company I know found that the credit card they had on file for AdWords mysteriously stopped. The account was active, the campaigns were active, the ad groups were active, the ads were active, and all the keywords were active with bids exceeding the minimum bid. Only after escalating this all the way to an AdWords specialist did they learn the reason their credit card was not working.

Evidently the same credit card was also associated with a Google Checkout account that had been closed and apparently you can’t use a credit card for AdWords that was associated with a closed Google Checkout account. Absolutely ridiculous I say. Has anyone else had a similarly ridiculous experience with a credit card rejection by Google?

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