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05 Oct PPC Geotargeting Fail

While traveling to Costa Rica a couple weeks ago, I was doing searches for a rental car. Mind you, I’m in San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica, searching on the term “san jose costa rica car rental deals”. Here is what I see:

Geotargeting Fail

How in the world does a big company like Avis, which should have a smart person or two working on their PPC, let that ad into the wild? I am in Costa Rica, so they must have targeted the country and I’m using Costa Rica right in the search string.

Congratulations Avis, you #FAIL on geotargeting!

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12 Aug Gmail PPC #Fail

The other day a buddy of mine sent over the following screenshot:

eFrontier PPC Fail

While the occasional PPC fail is humorous, this garners special consideration because the offending firm, eFrontier, actually provides PPC services. From their own site we read:

“Competition for market share is fierce. And campaigns are more complicated than ever with millions of keywords, geo-targeting, content options, and copy testing. For close to a decade, Efficient Frontier’s technology has helped some of the largest and most complex advertisers in the world lead successful SEM campaigns.”

I guess that their own PPC campaign was just too simple to justify using their awesome tool. #FAIL

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