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11 Nov Google vs. Bing: The Average User’s Perspective

Lacey reached out to me about writing a guest post and I thought that it would be interesting to see how a non-PPC wizard feels about Google vs. Bing. Below is her experience

Many of you may already have your preconceived notions about Google and Bing. Some may even have a preference for one and refuse to use the other. Personally, I’ve always used Google, and didn’t really see a reason to switch, but I always wondered exactly what the difference would be. Because I recently got a new puppy, I decided to search for “puppy toys” in each search engine to see which site brought me better results. More specifically, I wanted something that would be good for dogs under one year old that are teething and coping with a new environment.


When I first entered my keywords into Google’s search box, this is the screen they presented. The top three links are for ads, naturally, because that is how Google makes money, but I also noticed something else. I could barely see their “Shopping” section at the bottom of the screen because so much space is taken at the top. My first instinct was to go to the first item that had my search terms, so I clicked on the third ad.

Google SERP

When I clicked on the ad, I was immediately bombarded with loads of information. The print was small and it seemed as if I was really going to have to search for the best toy for my puppy. There were a lot of options, but I think it would have been better if those options were easier to find (i.e. categories like plush dog toys, teething puppy toys, holiday toys, etc.).


When I searched for my product on Bing, the first thing I noticed was the pictures of the products in the middle of the screen. I now realize that there were also pictures of products in my Google search, but they weren’t as noticeable because they were so far down the screen. Bing has designed their site to help viewers get right to what they need.


I was very intrigued by their pictures, so I went directly to their shopping section, and it was much easier to narrow down my search with the options to the left, and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for.

Lacey Cook is an author who writes guest posts on the topics of business, marketing, credit cards, and personal finance. Additionally, she works for a website that focuses on educating readers about their first credit card.

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13 Jan Google Grows A Pair, Stands Up To China

Google is famous for their slogan “Do No Evil.” However, when Google created to serve the huge (and growing) Chinese market they made a very significant compromise with the Communist government of China; they agreed to censor their search results. Many people, myself included, were disappointed that Google “sold out” their beliefs. However, Google announced yesterday on their Official Google Blog that they will not censor results any longer and are willing to close and their Chinese offices if necessary. I’m a forgiving person and I believe Google will do the right thing. Google, I salute you!

PS A brief apology: last week (my first week of the new year) I broke my resolution to blog 3 time/week. I’m not throwing in the towel though, so keep holding me to my resolutions.

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25 Sep PPC Potpourri

Just a couple of tidbits this morning:

The AdWords team has decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, so to keep up with “the latest industry trends and information, Google insights and news & relevant product information and updates” just follow these Twitter accounts:

Also, I would like to give a big thanks to Bridgette over at Google. My impression is that Google is making a more concerted effort to assist agencies and since that gives me more support, I’m all for it. Quite frankly the move seems a little overdue considering that agencies have multiple clients and efforts directed at an agency are effectively multiplied…but I’m not complaining.

Lastly, Google held an excellent webinar yesterday on Website Optimizer yesterday. The recorded version isn’t up yet, but if you’ve ever wanted to try the service I recommend watching this webinar. It goes through every step of the process at a level that even a relative noob can understand. Have a great weekend everyone.

PS I’m looking for a guest post in October. Hit me up if you would be willing, robert (at) righteousmarketing dot com.

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14 Jul Google v. Microsoft – WWW War Brewing

Let’s play a game. I say a word and you say the first 3 things that comes to mind:

Word: Monopoly

Board game. Microsoft. Google.

Does it surprise you that I thought of Google? It shouldn’t. Google has such a dominant position in online search that the Department of Justice has looked them over more than once. Monopolies are the utopia of greed. Every company is trying to get one (theoretically), yet the two companies which you could argue actually have monopolies are preparing to go to war with each other. Why?

You Can Never Have Enough Success

Winning is one of the most powerful drugs in the world. Google won search. Microsoft won operating systems. These victories have given each company a seemingly endless supply of money and resources to pursue anything they want and they have set their sights on each other.

Microsoft has been trying to get a foot in the door of search for a very long time. No mystery there. Between, and their cashback program (straight bribery) Microsoft has shoveled millions into this fight already only to be swatted like a pesky gnat. However, is a much more credible threat to Google. People like the design, the results are actually quite good (while being different from Google’s results), and they’ve done some things better than Google (try the image search). The latest numbers show that has carved out some market share and with Microsoft pumping $100 million into advertising, this is the first shot Microsoft has fired that may elicit a response from the GOOG.

Google’s Chrome OS

When Google launched their Chrome browser I thought it was a novel idea to create a browser that ran Javascript really fast. Basically they designed a browser optimized for Gmail and all the other Google products. When they announced the Android phone I thought is was a good move to try getting into the mobile market since people will use the mobile web more and more, where Google could do well by replacing bulky desktop software (cough, Office, cough) with their web apps. Both plays were small moves. Then Google dropped the bomb and said they were going to turn Chrome into an OS. Mark your calendar, this was Google’s declaration of war.

What Will Happen?

Let me know what you think.

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21 May Google Desperate for Revenue. Now Offering AdWords “Expert Advice”

A few months ago people believed that Google would be immune from the recession. Not only has that been totally wrong, but Google has been taking various steps to increase their ad revenues (broadening broad match, putting ads in Google Finance and News, etc.) and keep investors happy. Yesterday Google took it to another level.

Get Expert Advice From Google

I came across this new offering at Search Engine Land, but didn’t believe them until I saw this screenshot. As you can see, the Google is offering expert advice on AdWords for new users in the US and Canada with a budget over $250/month.

As far as I can tell the service is being offered free of charge (typical Google style), but don’t mistake this for altruism. I’ve worked with Google optimization specialists and they are masters of creating tons of ad groups (all very tightly themed of course) with fairly generic ad copy (helps CTR) to “help” you get better traffic (read “spend more money with AdWords”). In the end Google just wants to get more of your money by helping you find more keywords, get more impressions, buy more clicks, and boost their revenues.

Are PPC Mgmt. Agencies in Trouble?

Some will try and make this seem like Google is cutting out PPC management agencies to line their pockets. While I recognize their argument, I’m not too worried. I’ve seen what Google optimization specialists crank out and it’s average at best. Good management agencies will continue to outperform this type of service. Your cousin doing PPC management in his mom’s basement? He might be in trouble. In the end this is just another “free service” to keep Google making bank.

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