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06 Apr How to Craft an Irresistible Call to Action for Your Landing Pages (Guest Post)

You have everything in place. Your landing page is designed properly. Your copy is easy to scan. And you even have powerful testimonials that increase your credibility.

But you’re still not converting…Why?

One of the most common conversion killers I come across is the call to action. Some landing pages have no call to action at all. Others have weak, uninspiring calls to action that don’t snap visitors out of their lull.

If your landing page suffers from a weak call to action, there’s good news. I’m going to give you all the information and tools you need to craft irresistible calls to action that snap your visitors out of it and into taking action now!

Be as clear and concise as possible

The biggest call to action problem I see is a lack of clarity. Marketers just aren’t being specific about why you should buy their products and what action you need to take. Your website visitors can’t read your mind; you need to tell them, as clearly as possible, the precise action you want them to take.

In addition to being clear, you need to be concise as well. I’ll never forget the time I came across a blog written by a supposed “advertising expert.” At the end of each post, he had a call to action trying to get people to sign up for his email newsletter. Unfortunately, this call to action was literally 5 or 6 sentences long. 95% of the words in that call to action could’ve been eliminated, leaving a short, easy-to-understand one sentence call to action.

Don’t offer choices

A lot of companies approach their landing page and call to action with the more is more philosophy. They believe that offering customers with a lot of choices increases the chances of them finding an option they like and taking action. The truth is choice usually leads to lower conversions.

The problem with having too many choices is that it overwhelms the visitor. They have so many options to choose from that they end up choosing none because it’s too confusing to figure out what they should actually do.

Remember earlier when I said you need to keep your call to action clear and concise? You can’t do that if you’re offering all these different options. Keep it simple: One, maybe two option(s) per landing page.

Eliminate risk

Online shoppers are more careful than ever before. The internet is plagued with scams and fly-by-night companies, so customers are always a little wary of doing business with a company they don’t know.

That’s why it’s your job to earn their trust and to eliminate the risk of doing business with you. In your call to action, you can include a “money back guarantee” or a “free 30 day trial” so that customers feel like they have nothing to lose if they take action. This removes another sales roadblock, improving the chances of your visitors converting.

Include one call to action in every screen view

One of my favorite techniques to improve conversion rate is to include a call to action in every screen view on the page. This way, no matter where a visitor is on your landing page, they have a quick way to take action. Compare this to only having one call to action buried at the bottom of the page (most visitors won’t even make it that far down), and it’s pretty clear why this approach is preferable.

The other benefit of repeating your call to action is that it harnesses the power of repetition. If you keep reminding your visitors of what you want them to do, it’ll finally click in their mind that they need to take that specific action.

Use time-sensitive words

A lot of online shoppers don’t like to rush to action immediately. They’re procrastinators. They figure they’ll shop around some more and see if a better deal pops up. How can you combat procrastination?

It’s simple: Use time-sensitive words that create a sense of urgency. Words like “today” and “now” in your call to action remind customers that they need to act as quickly as possible to experience the benefits of your products and services. You can even try placing time limitations on your offer, like the infomercials that say “Call within the next 10 minutes to get 2 for the price of 1!”

Test different calls to action

Sometimes, changing a single word in your call to action can affect your conversion rate. The only way to find the most profitable call to action is to always be testing. Figure out which adjustments get more conversions, and keep building on those to continually increase your conversion rate. Never stop testing!

What are some other tips you’d add for crafting a powerful call to action? Share your best tips by leaving a comment.

About the Author: Gagandeep Singh works for a conversion rate optimization company Invesp and blogs about landing page templates, conversion rate optimization, SEO and affiliate marketing.

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  2. Write for clarity and persuasion – No matter how witty or clever you think your copy is, it will convert better if it’s clear and persuasive. If you find yourself admiring your writing prowess, you need to rewrite it. And also, if you need even more simple guidelines remember that Flint McGlaughlin of Marketing Experiments trumpets the phrase “Clarity trumps persuasion” (and here’s the data to support his claim).
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