19 Aug More MCC Cosmetic Changes

MCC interface change
Last week Google moved the MCC link and drop-down box up to the top of the screen and now I’m seeing these cute little icons in their own column of the MCC dashboard.

The red one is for critical alerts in your individual client accounts. In this case, a failed payment method.

The yellow guy is for the annoying less important alerts, such as a campaign that has ended (even though it was set to end and ended right on time).

Looks like the all-seeing eye of Google has decided to focus its gaze on the MCC interface yet again.

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11 Aug MCC Link Moved

Dear Google,

I’m a creature of habit and consider myself a very organized person. One of my greater joys in life is knowing exactly where things are and being able to find them with ease. So, as you might have guessed, moving the MCC link and drop-down has been a bit traumatic for me (see image below).

MCC link moved

While I’m sure that you have a good reason for moving the link, please at least warn me of such changes. Thank you.



PS This post written entirely in jest. I really can handle a small change.

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