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15 Nov AdWords Location Extensions Now Bigger

Fat Cat GoogleAs I’ve chronicled on several occasions, Google has a vested interest in getting people to click a paid result instead of an organic result. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the latest news from the AdWords team gives more real estate to PPC and less to SEO. So what’s new?

Show BOTH sitelinks and location extension

In the words of Google:

Location extensions can now be shown alongside one-line sitelinks in text ads (on desktop and laptop computers) and will continue to show with two-line and three-line sitelinks.

Double up.

Larger maps for your location extension

Just how large? Allow this beautiful example from the AdWords blog demonstrate:

Yep, it’s nearly as big as the entire column of organic results. Now that’s what I call a land grab! So, if you haven’t already put in the time to utilize all available ad extensions in Google, I would advise you to put it on the to-do list and get it done now.

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30 Jun How To Add Sitelinks To Your Google AdWords Ads

Have you seen an AdWords ad that looked like this, with the links across the bottom?

Picture of AdWords ad with sitelinks

This is an example of Sitelinks, and as of June 24th, all AdWords advertisers can use them. But in typical Google style, they’ve buried the feature so that most basic users won’t find the option. Therefore, I have put together this step-by-step guide:

Google AdWords Sitelinks

  1. Choose Your Campaign – This feature exists at the campaign level, so login to your AdWords account and select the campaign where you’re going to add sitelinks.
  2. Go to the Settings Tab – Along with lots of other goodies, here is where you’ll find this golden nugget.
  3. Find Sitelinks under Ad Extensions – Click EditAdWords sitelinks settings
  4. Fill in up to 10 links – AdWords sitelinks interface
  5. Click Save

The Catch

For now Google claims that sitelinks will only show for “the single top-ranked ad for a given user search” (but lower position ads also have been seen with sitelinks too). So make sure and take the time to add these valuable little guys to you campaigns, but remember that the links should be relevant for the entire campaign.

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