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PPC Potpourri

Just a couple of tidbits this morning: The AdWords team has decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, so to keep up with “the latest industry trends and information, Google insights and news & relevant product information and updates” just … Continue reading

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Top PPC Mistakes (via Twitter)

After reading the most recent State of the Twittersphere report I realized that I’m kind of a big deal (compared to the average Twitter user). Therefore, I asked my awesome followers to share their wisdom and asked “What is the … Continue reading

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Twitter Tirade: Artificially Pumping Your Follower Count

If you haven’t heard Twitter is really popular these days. So popular in fact that we now see accounts with over 1 million followers (congrats to @aplusk for winning the battle). So popular that even Oprah, goddess of soccer moms, … Continue reading

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Bad Economy? Help People Out

Everyone is being inundated with “news” about the bad economy. In some ways this is good. I see a lot more people biking to work and around town as well as more people using public parks for recreation (myself included). … Continue reading

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Twitter Tirade: Abusing #FollowFriday

Anyone who has been on Twitter longer than 7 days has come across the #followfriday hashtag. Initially one may think it’s a misspelling. Perhaps some sort of technology problem caused by Twitter (cough, fail whale, cough). However, soon enough each … Continue reading

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