Web Ads Getting Savvier

As I was browsing the internet last week I came across a very normal occurrence (an ad for the upcoming Star Trek movie) that was unique as far as I can remember. This ad, which I have included below, was unique because it very clearly states “You Will Not Leave Yahoo!”

Yahoo Star Trek Ad

This type of ad has been around a long time, but this is the first time I remember the ad telling me that I would not be taken off-page if I wanted to see the movie clip. Of course I watched the clip without leaving Yahoo and last weekend I saw Star Trek (great casting, 4.5 out of 5 stars from me).

Are Advertisers Getting Smarter?

For many this may seem a trivial detail, so insignificant that it is the smallest font in the ad. However, I believe it shows that advertisers have wised up about user behavior.

  • Users are increasingly blind to advertising in general which has led to more rich ad formats that actually deliver value (a movie clip) right in the ad.
  • Users don’t trust advertisements because they don’t know where the click will lead. This ad resolves that fear by letting you know that you’ll stay within the safety of the Yahoo homepage.

Congratulations to the ad team that put this together. Keep it up (but don’t get carried away and think you can start putting email capture forms in ads).

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