Webinar Recap: Conversion Ninja Toolbox with Tim Ash

Yesterday I had the opportunity to tune in for a fantastic webinar featuring Tim Ash, author of the book Landing Page Optimization. With a title like “Conversion Ninja Toolbox” I couldn’t resist signing up and Tim didn’t disappoint me.

What’s in a Conversion Ninja’s Toolbox?

  1. CrazyEgg.com – Need to gain some insight into what your users are doing on the site? Have a pretty limited budget? CrazyEgg is dead simple to use and very affordable (as low as $9/month for up to 10,000 visitors across 10 pages).
  2. Clicktale.com – While they offer the same heatmaps that you get from CrazyEgg, you also get video replays of how user see and interact with your site. This allows you to see how long they look at content, when and if they scroll down, how long they spend filling out forms, and where their mouse pointer goes. This basically amounts to a poor man’s eye-tracking tool because some people point their mouse where they’re looking. They even have a free trial to give it a test run.
  3. UserTesting.com – Want to know how “real” people look at your site? What they’re thinking? UserTesting will put your site in front of users who will go about any task you assign, talking you through their thoughts the whole way. It’s a usability lab on the cheap.
  4. CrossBrowserTesting.com – This is exactly what the name implies. You can see what your site will look like on any combination of browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and OS (Windows, Apple, Linux), including different versions. An easy way to make sure your site functions and looks right to all your users.
  5. AttentionWizard.com – Be aware, this is one of Tim’s creations, so you could say this is a little self-promotional, but the value is undeniable. AttentionWizard is a software that analyzes a mockup or live page to tell you where the user attention will be directed. No more waiting until hundreds of people have actually looked at (and hated) your site before fixing it. You can get virtually instant analysis and make changes BEFORE putting it in front of hundreds of prospects.

Tim also showed demos of his AttentionWizard “attention heatmaps” that had guided landing page redesigns with significant improvements in performance. He also mentioned a new conference this year, Conversion Conference in San Jose this May 4-5. Sign up before Monday and get the double-early-bird rate!

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3 Responses to Webinar Recap: Conversion Ninja Toolbox with Tim Ash

  1. Tim Ash says:

    Thanks for the kind words and the writeup of the webinar.

    As I mentioned during it, Ion Interactive has arranged for two special promotional offers – just use the following codes when signing up or ordering:

    http://AttentionWizard.com – 50% off of any Pro heatmaps ordered by Feb 28th, IS-2-PP503

    http://ConversionConference.com – $100-off of double-early-bird by Feb 15th, CCW514

  2. Sam says:

    These are great tools, i personally use clicktale which has the best of the bunch in my opinion. Its heatmaps are second to none.

  3. Robert says:

    Thanks for the discount code Tim. Just signed up! I’ll see you in San Jose.

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