Yahoo Search Marketing Steps Up Game, But Why?

With the new year have come some fine new improvements from Yahoo Search Marketing. On January 12th Yahoo announced increased control of the content network as well as the ability to import AdWords campaigns directly into Yahoo (this should have been there years ago). They also just upped the number of negative keywords allowed from 250 to 500. These are great improvements and I’ll definitely be using them. However, this got me thinking.

Too Little Too Late?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but part of the Bing/Yahoo deal was that Bing would be taking over the PPC business and Yahoo would be doing display. Therefore, if Yahoo is just a few months from being rolled into Bing, why are they putting out so many improvements? Likely this is just the wrap-up of projects that were in process. Tying up loose ends. Also, this could be somewhat of a beta test of features that were planned for the merged “Binghoo” entity. Unlikely as it seems, it may also be Yahoo covering themselves in case the Bing takeover doesn’t go as smoothly or quickly as it’s supposed to go.

What do you think? Why is Yahoo even bothering?

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