Yahoo/Bing PPC Merger Delayed Until 2011?

Yahoo Bing Merger Delayed

The merger of Yahoo and Bing into a single interface is the most anticipated PPC event of 2010. We talked all about it in 2009 and I’ve been quite excited because I’m not a fan of Yahoo’s interface. Information has been a bit lacking, but last week we got a video on the Microsoft Advertising blog about the topic.

Say what?

Okay, lot’s of fun pencil drawings and clever animation…blah, blah, blah…”WE ALSO MAY CONSIDER POSTPONING THE TRANSITION TO EARLY 2011″. What? Go back to the 1:30 mark and listen to it again. What you hear is Microsoft giving themselves an escape hatch to push this implementation to next year.

Dang! Six more months of Yahoo’s crappy interface.

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  1. Annoying when stuff gets pushed back. Especially when you try to get ready for the switch. I wonder what the bigger underlying issues are…

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