PPC Wizard

Finding success with your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing involves both science and art. A PPC wizard is an expert at both to deliver results that seem magical.

PPC Science

With ad budgets tightening you need to justify how every dollar of spend is contributing to the bottom line. PPC advertising allows you to know how much you spent & how much you made for every keyword, ad and landing page. If your margin on product A is $5.00 and your cost/conversion is $6.50, you need to change your bid, rewrite your ad, tweak the landing page or drop the keyword because you lose $1.50 on each sale. However, if your margin on product B is $3.50 and your cost/conversion is $2.00, turn up the volume because you’re printing money.

A PPC wizard understands the science of PPC because he/she has studied and applied correct principles. This aptitude is demonstrated in two ways:


The science will show you what to change, the art is how you change it. A PPC wizard possesses the ability to write compelling ad copy that speaks to the needs of a search user and compels them to click – all in under 130 characters. You may struggle to say what you’re doing in 140 characters, but the PPC wizard initiates purchases and leads with only 130.

PPC Wizard

The PPC wizard brings in-depth analytical thinking as well as creative, compelling copywriting to work every day. Constant testing of ad copy and landing pages increases results and improves the bottom line. If you need a PPC Wizard, get a free quote by emailing robert “at” righteousmarketing.com

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