About Me

Robert Brady Riding the Bull

Congratulations, you’ve found the blog of Robert Brady. I was born and raised on a small farm in Idaho which gave me a particular set of skills:

  • I can drive a tractor
  • I am pretty good with a shotgun
  • I enjoy steak and potatoes any meal, any day
  • I know what HARD work is


I also have a business management degree from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, thus qualifying me to make decisions and delegate (isn’t that basically what a manager does differently from the average worker?).


I grew up on a farm, so I still like to grow stuff in my little garden. My first blog is about farming, Farmer Marketing, was a class assignment and still gets respectable organic traffic for terms like “selling tomatoes” and “the importance of publicity” (check if you doubt me). I sell a few humorous t-shirts over at RighteousFashion.com, including my best-selling “I Mess With Texas” design that will rile up any true Texan. Utah has the best snow on earth and I make good use of it every winter with my skis. I also play ultimate frisbee and go mountain biking when the weather is nice.


I’m Google Ads Certified and I offer PPC management services as a freelancer/consultant. Whether you want a 1-time audit of your account or on-going management & optimization I am your guy.

I also specialize in conversion optimization, both site-wide and for channel-specific landing pages. Conversion rate optimization is the best bang for your buck internet marketing activity (IMHO) because it gets you more results from your existing traffic.

I chose Righteous Marketing as my blog because it represents my marketing paradigm. First, I’m honest and ethical. Second, I consider myself humorous and pretty dang amazing at what I do (“Righteous” in an 80’s kind of way). Feel free to contact me via email – robert “at” righteousmarketing.com or hit me up on Twitter. My user name is @robert_brady and I’m quite faithful about responding to any @ messages.

Thank you for reading and have a splendid day.

Photo by Michael Dorausch