Professional PPC Management

Back in February 2010 I conducted a PPC poll on my blog that asked what method of PPC management was preferred in the absence of an in-house team or resource. Over 70% recommended going with a freelancer/consultant and just over 20% recommended an agency. But what’s right for you?

Freelancer/Consultant vs. Agency

Like most questions in PPC, the correct answer is “it depends”. Here are some things to consider with each option:

  • Freelancer/Consultant
    1. Pro – Lower overhead means lower pricing
    2. Pro – Smaller portfolios lead to a closer relationship
    3. Pro – You’re a bigger piece of the pie, so you get taken care of better.
    4. Con – May be less accessible
    5. Con – Less clout with the executive team
  • Agency
    1. Pro – Greater access to resources
    2. Pro – Can handle larger scale accounts
    3. Pro – Big-name agencies have a lot of clout with execs
    4. Con – You’re paying more because of overhead
    5. Con – Might get assigned to an account rep with little experience

With any 3rd party PPC manager, consider the following guidelines from AdWords.

Hire a PPC Wizard

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